HootieSeveral evenings last summer I noticed an unusual melancholy trilling coming from the outside our  bedroom window. It wasn’t until my husband spied this well camouflaged owl I understood the source of the plaintive whine. After snapping a pic and researching his “head shot” on-line we discovered we had an eastern screech owl “holed up” across the street. True to the description  he was hanging out in a tree cavity – in this case one provided gratis by a local electrical company years ago as they pruned trees invading overhead electrical lines. He/she has provided endless enjoyment and some unexpected studio inspirations.

Hootie Mug


  • Lee


    Hi, this! Nice to have a new animal for your work! Miss you!

    • Lynn Smiser Bowers


      Thanks Lee! Miss you too! Stay warm- I see you are having a cold winter!

  • Kathy Wilkinson


    Hootie is adorable! Always love your work, Lynn!

  • Carol Nordstrom


    Lynn, What a fun story! Now I feel even more connected to my "Owl Cup". A dear friend purchased your cup and gave it to me for my birthday. She knows I'm a fan of your work. So bummed I missed your AKAR show. Hope all is well with you.

    • Lynn Smiser Bowers


      We missed seeing you and your sis at NCECA Milwaukee. Maybe next year? Let me know and we'll have dinner. Thank you for your "owl" comment. I saw my little friend (pre-dawn) yesterday morning sitting on my fence before he nested in for the day! My yard is mouse free this year.

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