Change is Alway Good

This weekend I pitched out and organized 7 years of glaze test. They had multiplied under tables, in boxes, on shelves! This odyssey started when I relocated my studio to Dallas and switched from a gas reduction kiln to a cone 10 oxidation type of firing. I bought a Bailey front loader electric kiln with thick insulating walls that allow for slow cooling (helpful for certain glaze colors to form).

Not all of my Kansas City glazes successfully transferred to this new firing environment. Those luscious ox-blood reds turned green in my new kiln. So hundreds of glaze tests later I now have a palette of colors to express my inner glaze diva with.


IMG_1974 - Version 2


  • Kimberli Cummings


    Wow wow wow! That's a fantasy of mine to really dedicate a lot of time to do test tiles. This is so motivating for me. Thank you Lynn!

  • Sandy Cookston


    Sure am glad I have some pieces with that oxblood glaze!

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